Chris & JJ

Chris was touched by music at an early age

Christopher Lord pursues a modern, hybrid orchestral style that strives to marry narrative theme with musical tone. Trained in jazz piano, he segued to composition while attending the Berklee College of Music. Fusing jazz chord structure into melodic pop songs with his band, Downbeat, he forged an approach to composition that employed various musical idioms organized around a central melodic core.

Christopher’s grandfather, Ward Kimball, was one of Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men” as well as a founding member of the Firehouse Five Dixieland Jazz band. Christopher grew up steeped in movie lore and surrounded by animators, writers and filmmakers of every stripe, so it is only natural that he would seek to find common ground between his dual love’s of music and film.

Christopher credits his work as an orchestrator on such studio fare as Evan Almighty, My Best Friend’s Girl, Hotel For Dogs, Thick as Thieves and the animated feature, 9, for exposing him to a wide ranging variety of musical styles, serving to further develop his musical palette into a multi-cultural and open minded aesthetic.

In furtherance of his open-minded approach, he has sought work not only in film, but in television and video games. Whether it’s writing the theme music for ABC’s At The Movies, scoring reality shows like Tori & Dean and Million Dollar Listing, documentaries like CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Reports: The Last Heart Attack and Cheating Death, or Discovery Channel’s Europa: Mysteries Of The Ice Moon.

Christopher constantly seeks to push the boundaries of sonic possibilities. The world of video games has proven to be especially receptive to his experimental side, in particular, the synth and percussion composing he did on  Transformers 2 (VG) and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (VG). Following that he composed music for ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7. Soon you’ll be able to hear his “rhythmic and tonal landscapes” in the upcoming films Cold Light of Day (starring Bruce Willis and Henry Cavill) and The Raven (starring John Cusack).

Christopher is adept at all things digital and loves the relationship of technology and music. He is a versatile recording engineer and brings his deep knowledge of recording techniques to every project he undertakes.

Most important of all though is the pure, unbridled passion for music that inspires and guides Christopher in all his musical endeavors.

JJ is a Sundance Composer Fellow

JJ’s love of music was apparent at a young age and her curiosity and ingenuity would propel her far beyond the harmonic borders of contemporary music. Originally intent on a career in physics, she dramatically altered her career path and discovered that her true love was one of music. After formal training in traditional composition, she became enticed by the sounds of Jazz. She then made her way to Berklee College of Music where she received the Berklee Achievement Scholarship and studied Jazz composition and arranging. With its emphasis on individuality and creativity, the school’s curriculum offered her the opportunity to fully engage her inquisitive nature. 

By the time she graduated from Berklee, she had already worked with top jazz musicians in the industry, including Cheryl Bentyne (The Manhattan Transfer), and Mark Kibble (Take 6). In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles where she was mentored by A-list film composer Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3) and orchestrator Frank Bennett (King Kong). 

Her background in classical and jazz composition account for the lush, sophisticated orchestral scores with hints of jazz harmony that are hallmarks of her work. A pianist from age five and Berklee graduate who left her native Korea to pursue a career as a film composer and orchestrator in Hollywood, she has amassed an impressive list of credits. Among her credits are Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC), Cheating Death (CNN), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (VG), Gears of War 2 (VG)  Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (VG) The and Last Heart Attack (CNN).